Ring In The New Year With These Amazing Ebooks!

I’m promoting ebooks on the blog today!

If you’re an author…

You’re invited to add the blurb and buy link to your Romance (any sub-genre or heat level) or Urban Fantasy, in the comments below.

Promote by sharing the url ( http://wp.me/p1w1MU-9k ) to this post, with the hashtag #newyearsbookpromo.

Thanks to Skhye Moncrief, a friend from my blogging network, for the idea, and getting the ball rolling with some of the others from the network.

Reviews Discontinued

After a great deal of thought, I have concluded that regularly scheduled reviews are not feasible here. In addition to my writing, and maintaining this blog, I have become a regular contributor and reviewer at GraveTells.com, and I’m working on other projects related to writing. In short, there just isn’t enough time for me to do everything I need to do.

I will occasionally post a review here whenever I have the time and inclination, but it won’t be according to a schedule. Anyone interested in having a Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy reviewed should visit GraveTells Reviews Policy and Submission Page for information. GT also offers author interviews, character interviews, and other promotional opportunities for authors.

I offer promotional opportunities other than reviews, such as author interviews, character interviews, guest blog spots, & etc. If you have a review scheduled at GraveTells, and would like to do additional promo here, contact me to make arrangements.

Sharing Saturday

*Sigh* Fine. I’ll admit it. My name is Kenra Daniels, and I’m addicted…

…to Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy! You totally thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you? No? Okay, so I’m also predictable.

Anyway, I recently found — actually, it found me — a site that EVERY Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy enthusiast, reader or writer, NEEDS to bookmark.

GraveTells  is full of PNR/UF reviews of old faves and new releases, guest posts, interviews, and enough PNR/UF news to keep the fangirl in you satisfied.

Plans for more features are afoot, including a community forum, and something code-named “Shadowcat”.

It all adds up to an incredible resource for readers!