Six Sentence Sunday

In the midst of sick family members, I somehow managed to miss posting last week. Never fear, back this week. This week’s Six is from Blood Dragon. Jaden has just attempted to attack Redinger as he tried to force her into one of the torture chairs. ┬áHe retaliates with a cattle prod.

The searing pain almost made her wet herself. Far worse than the bullet to her knee.

“Silly vampire. Did you think I wouldn’t be prepared for that?” He stepped back and waited for her to recover her breath. “Get up now, and go to the chair.”

Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s Six is from the new beginning of BLOOD DRAGON. These sentences immediately follow last week’s Six. The situation is going from bad to worse.

James Redinger, the apparent leader of her captors, walked over to one of the dentist chairs arranged in a row just across from the line of four cells. He lowered it and unhooked the straps, then turned and arranged some of the tools on the workbench next to the chairs.

The whole thing looked calculated to scare her. It worked. She really didn’t want to be put in that chair. Having already sampled the brutality of the men who had arranged her kidnapping, she could do without more.

Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s Six is from BLOOD DRAGON II, still in first draft. From the perspective of Cam, the twin brother of the main antagonist, Ryn, the scene shows just how monstrous the antagonist is. The pair have been sitting in a car, outside King’s apartment, watching for him. Ryn has just tortured Cam, re-traumatizing a knee injury, then sent him off to get coffee.

He started off toward the corner, long legs eating up the distance, despite the bad knee. People he met took one glance at his face, and looked away fast. Not that he could blame them. The knife wound that caused the scar from forehead to chin had also ruined his right eye, and lifted the right side of his mouth in a permanent sneer. The wide, angry scar glowed stark red against his tanned skin. He would look away, too, if he could.

Cam is as decent as his twin is evil, but commits whatever crimes he’s ordered to, feeling there is no escape from Ryn’s wrath. Is it possible for such a damaged person to find love? Unknowingly, he’s about to find out.