Six Sentence Sunday

The official Six Sentence Sunday is taking a break this week, but will be back next week. I’ve decided to go ahead and post my Six this week anyway. Partly because I’m a creature of habit, and partly because there might be one person out there looking forward to seeing what my characters are up to. So, with further ado…

This week’s Six is from the new beginning of BLOOD DRAGON, and immediately follow last week’s Six, which, in turn followed the Six from 10-9.  Jaden’s kidnapper gives her one last chance to give him what he wants.

Smiling his tight smile, Redinger approached Jaden’s cell. “Well, you’ve had time to compose your thoughts. Are you going to give me the names of the other vampires, or do I get to pull the information out of you, bit by bit?”

“I’m not telling you anything.” Determination made her voice strong. These humans would kill her anyway, as soon as they had the information.

Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s Six is from the new beginning of BLOOD DRAGON. These sentences immediately follow last week’s Six. The situation is going from bad to worse.

James Redinger, the apparent leader of her captors, walked over to one of the dentist chairs arranged in a row just across from the line of four cells. He lowered it and unhooked the straps, then turned and arranged some of the tools on the workbench next to the chairs.

The whole thing looked calculated to scare her. It worked. She really didn’t want to be put in that chair. Having already sampled the brutality of the men who had arranged her kidnapping, she could do without more.

Six Sentence Sunday

Picture of Strappado, a medieval form of torture

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Nearly forgot to add my blog to the list this time! This week’s Six is from the new opening of BLOOD DRAGON. I’m doing some fairly minor revisions before sending it out to more publishers. Still haven’t heard back from a couple, but I’m not sitting still with it.

Jaden has been kidnapped and is caged in a torture chamber. Her captors have promised to do whatever necessary to get the names of every vampire in the city out of her.

The heavy steel door opened, startling Jaden. Damn it! She had to be more alert. Letting them catch her off guard had already proven dangerous. Careful of her not-yet-healed knee, she stood from the concrete floor, and faced the door of the cell, waiting to see what they would do next. Certainly nothing good.


Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s Six is from BLOOD DRAGON II, which is really needing its own title. Ardrianna is searching for evidence of whoever broke into King’s apartment. Difficult when King’s body keeps sidetracking her. The worst part? He knows she wants him for a fact. Weredragons, both male and female, emit a distinctive scent whenever they are sexually aroused. So she can’t hide it.

King must be wondering if her arousal scent meant she would be receptive to his advances. In a word, no. She had to keep telling herself that. “We need to finish this up as quickly as we can manage, and get out of here.”

He nodded, his left hand absently rubbing his thigh, distracting her. “Okay. Tell me what you want me to do.”

Lucky for her, as badly as King wants her, he’s being a gentleman. Despite knowing exactly what she wants, he isn’t pressing the issue. Yet.

Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s Six is from BLOOD DRAGON II. King is trying to convince Ardrianna to allow him to kiss her. He promises that if she doesn’t like it, and can honestly say she doesn’t want more, he’ll back off trying to seduce her, and let her do her job. Then it occurs to him that she might be involved with someone else.

Ardrianna couldn’t stop the burst of laughter. “No, not hardly.” Missed opportunity. Telling him there was someone else would have put a stop to this whole ludicrous thing.

Before she could say anything more, he pulled her closer. “Then let me kiss you.”

Of course, once he starts kissing her, she can’t resist him.

Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s Six is from BLOOD DRAGON II, still in first draft. From the perspective of Cam, the twin brother of the main antagonist, Ryn, the scene shows just how monstrous the antagonist is. The pair have been sitting in a car, outside King’s apartment, watching for him. Ryn has just tortured Cam, re-traumatizing a knee injury, then sent him off to get coffee.

He started off toward the corner, long legs eating up the distance, despite the bad knee. People he met took one glance at his face, and looked away fast. Not that he could blame them. The knife wound that caused the scar from forehead to chin had also ruined his right eye, and lifted the right side of his mouth in a permanent sneer. The wide, angry scar glowed stark red against his tanned skin. He would look away, too, if he could.

Cam is as decent as his twin is evil, but commits whatever crimes he’s ordered to, feeling there is no escape from Ryn’s wrath. Is it possible for such a damaged person to find love? Unknowingly, he’s about to find out.

Six Sentence Sunday

This weeks Six is from BLOOD DRAGON. The reader has just met Kiellen for the first time. Shortly after his introduction, his Team Coordinator, Adelle, calls to assign him the mission where he will rescue Jaden and fall in love.

“Kiellen, I have a mission for you, and an update.” Adelle’s phone-sex voice always came as a bit of a surprise, even though he had worked with her nearly fifty years. Once upon a time, Adelle let him know she would like something between them other than a working friendship. Drop-dead gorgeous, any male would be a fool not to want her. But, she was a vampire. As a weredragon, he couldn’t go there.