I’ve Moved!

You might remember that I’ve mentioned several times that I planned a major overhaul of my blog. After deliberating about it for several months, I’ve moved it to a self-hosted site.

The flexibility offered by self-hosting better meets my needs as a writer, despite the amount of time required to execute the move when I already have sooo many commitments, both professionally and personally. I keep telling myself that in the long run, it’ll save time, and I think it will. I’ll have a solid foundation in place when I find a publisher, and be ready to go full steam ahead with the whirl of social networking, marketing and promo, while continuing to write new stuff.

If you’re a follower, please go to my new siteย and subscribe there to continue getting updates. The site is still in development, but the blog is up and running, with all the posts and comments from here imported. I have lots of great content planned for the whole site, not just the blog. I hope you’ll all come along for the ride! ๐Ÿ˜€

Empty Boxes…

It’s another late night break from editing, and I’ve wasted way too much time here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve made a couple of changes to settings and chosen a theme, at least. There’s sooo much more still to do.

I’ll be adding links to all my favorite romance related websites and blogs, adding some different widgets, adding pages about my books, and too many other things to list here. While I’m doing all that, I’ll be learning how to use WordPress, so please bear with me.

I’m also editing, hopefully for the final time, my latest novel. If all goes well, I’ll be submitting it to e-publishers by end of May. The next story is well into the planning stages, so as soon as this one is sent off, I’ll start the next one.

Okay, enough for now! More unpacking to come in the next few days. Back to work…

Oh, be careful you don’t trip over the empty boxes strewn on the porch! Ooops…