About Kenra Daniels

“About Kenra Daniels” by Danielle B.

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Kenra Daniels is a paranormal romance writer. Her stories feature weredragons and day-walking vampires, and the humans who seek to exterminate them. Two entirely new paranormal creatures are in the development phase, and Kenra will begin to write their stories as soon as she works out all the details.

Kenra lives in rural north eastern Kentucky with her very own romance novel hero, along with five dogs, two cats, and two snakes. They have one daughter, and three grandsons under three years old.

When Kenra isn’t writing, or enjoying her grandsons, you’ll probably find her reading. Her reading preferences are eclectic, ranging from horror to old westerns to anything nonfiction – pretty much anything is fair game. She confesses that the only books she won’t really consider reading are celebrity memoirs and anything about sports – she believes the obsession with celebrities is ridiculous, and in some cases, harmful, and she just isn’t a fan of most organized sports beyond the high school level.

Other than reading, Kenra’s hobbies include gardening, cooking, and several different arts and crafts. In addition to a career as a preschool teacher, she has trained horses, bred rodents, and kept snakes and lizards.

Kenra made her first books as a preschooler, stapling folded paper together and illustrating stories dictated to her mother. She actually started writing fiction at seven or eight years, and completed her first novel at the age of sixteen. She completed her second novel as a young mother and Army wife living in Europe. Career and other interests took precedence over writing fiction for the next few years, though she continued to dabble.

Over the years she started and stopped several novels in different genres, then in 2009, she got serious about writing again and started her first paranormal romance. Now, she writes several hours a day, everyday, if at all possible.

Kenra first started developing her weredragons in 2004, but she didn’t start writing about them seriously until 2009. Until then, they were just notes in a file on her hard drive. It took her just over a year to complete the first book. That one is currently awaiting rewrites, after which it will join BLOOD DRAGON in seeking a publisher. The second only took a few months to finish the first draft and one revision. It still needs work, and will eventually join the others. She also has three other books featuring weredragons and vampires outlined and ready to write, and notes for several more. She’s made notes for several different books for each of the new creatures. Once the creatures are fleshed out and real, she will start outlining their stories, then writing.

Keep checking back for updates on her exciting characters and their stories.

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