Six Sentence Sunday

In the midst of sick family members, I somehow managed to miss posting last week. Never fear, back this week. This week’s Six is from Blood Dragon. Jaden has just attempted to attack Redinger as he tried to force her into one of the torture chairs.  He retaliates with a cattle prod.

The searing pain almost made her wet herself. Far worse than the bullet to her knee.

“Silly vampire. Did you think I wouldn’t be prepared for that?” He stepped back and waited for her to recover her breath. “Get up now, and go to the chair.”


8 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

    • Thanks Stephanie! Glad you liked it. I have to confess to being rather lazy about searching for images for posts, so I don’t use them often enough, lol. I really need to work on that…


    • Imagining certainly makes me not want to experience it 😀 I’ve actually had to pull back some on the brutality of the men who kidnapped her. The original was a bit over the top to throw at a romance novel heroine, even for a paranormal.

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