Six Sentence Sunday

Picture of Strappado, a medieval form of torture

Image via Wikipedia

Nearly forgot to add my blog to the list this time! This week’s Six is from the new opening of BLOOD DRAGON. I’m doing some fairly minor revisions before sending it out to more publishers. Still haven’t heard back from a couple, but I’m not sitting still with it.

Jaden has been kidnapped and is caged in a torture chamber. Her captors have promised to do whatever necessary to get the names of every vampire in the city out of her.

The heavy steel door opened, startling Jaden. Damn it! She had to be more alert. Letting them catch her off guard had already proven dangerous. Careful of her not-yet-healed knee, she stood from the concrete floor, and faced the door of the cell, waiting to see what they would do next. Certainly nothing good.


11 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Harrowing picture and equally harrowing position for Jaden. Not sure I want to know what their certainly not-good next act will be!

    • Thanks, Monica! Neither the picture, nor what’s about to happen to Jaden is at all pretty. Her captors don’t get by unscathed, though, since Jaden isn’t quite the compliant sort.

    • Sorry for the cringing, 1000th! The image is supposed to be of an incident in the Spanish Inquisition, I believe. Sad that fiction doesn’t begin to rival the horrors humans perpetrate on one another in the name of good.

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