Six Sentence Sunday

This weeks Six is from BLOOD DRAGON. The reader has just met Kiellen for the first time. Shortly after his introduction, his Team Coordinator, Adelle, calls to assign him the mission where he will rescue Jaden and fall in love.

“Kiellen, I have a mission for you, and an update.” Adelle’s phone-sex voice always came as a bit of a surprise, even though he had worked with her nearly fifty years. Once upon a time, Adelle let him know she would like something between them other than a working friendship. Drop-dead gorgeous, any male would be a fool not to want her. But, she was a vampire. As a weredragon, he couldn’t go there. 


9 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Mmmm, yum yum yum, I just love talking about weredragons getting bit by vampires! Wonder what that weredragon has up his sleeve. Or better, behind that zipper. Is it forked? Just CURIOUS.

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