Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s six is from BLOOD DRAGON.

Kiellen and Jaden are having dinner together. Despite his best efforts, he is hopelessly attracted to her. He has to keep reminding himself that isn’t okay – not only is she a vampire, but she is the subject of his mission, and has been recently brutalized by the humans he rescued her from. There has to be something very wrong with him thinking of her that way.

She dropped a bit of sesame chicken. His heart stopped. The morsel rested in her cleavage, tempting him to reach over and pluck it out. He bit his tongue to stop his mind from going there.

She laughed at herself and fished the chicken out with her napkin while he stared, fascinated. She glanced up and caught his eye and froze for a moment. 

Kiellen is about to find out exactly what Jaden thinks of his attraction to her.


3 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Hi, Barb and Angela!

    Dammit! Apparently, I left an “S” out of the link.

    Thanks for stopping by even though the link was broken. Glad you liked it! Kiellen and Jaden will be back in 2 weeks – next week is King’s and Ardrianna’s turn.


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