New Feature: Sharing Saturday

I come across some fabulous websites as I interact with readers and other writers, and various people who don’t mind answering really weird questions from a complete stranger. Somehow, just adding a link to the sidebar doesn’t seem enough for those sites. So, I’m going to start sharing those links with you here on Saturdays, once or twice a month. Some will be of interest only to other writers, some to both readers and writers, and some will just be general interest. If you’d like to suggest a site or blog to add to Sharing Saturday, just leave a comment, or drop me an email at kenradaniels AT gmail DOT com.

Today, I have 2 Shares. will be of interest to female writers. This online community is made up of women writers of all levels and all kinds of material from all over the world. Everything from novices to multi-published authors. The entire community is geared toward helping each other achieve goals in writing. Those with more experience freely give information and advice to those with less. If you’re female, and a writer, you definitely won’t regret the free membership!

Readers and writers who are interested in Horror, Dark Fantasy, and anything with Dark elements will love Dark Media City. In addition to books DMC is also all about movies, videos, music, and art. You like zombies? How about vampires? Werewolves? Death? Darkness? You’ll find it all at DMC, along with regular chats and interviews with the creators of all that darkness. You can share your own work, or just enjoy that of other members, all while getting to know others who like the same things. Last but not least – membership is free!

That’s it for today. Watch for another Sharing Saturday in the coming weeks.


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