Six Sentence Sunday

Today’s six sentences are from BLOOD DRAGON. Jaden has been trying to seduce Kiellen, and even though he wants her… badly, he’s convinced she is mistaking gratitude for attraction, and that she will regret it later.

Jaden led him through the living room into her bedroom.

Kiellen put the brakes on. “Jaden, I can’t…” It was a lie. He absolutely could, and if she kept insisting, he would. Consequences be damned.

BLOOD DRAGON is now officially finished – editing complete! It is currently gracing the inboxes of several editors. Wish me luck that they’ll love it as much as I, and my beta readers, do.


8 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. You must be elated and feel a little like you’ve had a baby, having gone through all the stages of completing your novel. Congrats to you!

    Now, that six word sentence? Sounds as if it could be hot or possibly bloody.

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