Bright, Shiny, and New: A Sneak Peak

Since finishing BLOOD DRAGON, I’ve taken a couple days off to catch up on some other stuff. I’ve read a few blogs, caught up on some forums, read a couple of books… And gone absolutely stir crazy.

Apparently, not writing is something I can’t easily do. I seem to recall coming to the same realization when I finished the last one, and couldn’t wait to get started on BD.

I’m forcing myself to wait before I start writing the new idea. I know if I start before I have a good outline, it just won’t work. Oh, it might start out fine, but soon, I’ll stray from the story line, and it’ll turn into something completely different from what I planned. It’ll go on forever and take eons to revise/edit. So, I’ll content myself with outlining, for the time being.

For the next few days, I’ll be figuring out my characters – their physical traits, backstory, what makes them tick now. While I’m doing that, I’ll also be working out what kind of trouble they’re going to get themselves into, and what they’ll have to do to get out of it. This one’s going to be a blast to write!

I can give a little hint about the new story – which, btw, has a working title – Blood Dragon II. I haven’t made final decisions on the characters’ names yet, so I’m going to refer to them as the Hero, Heroine, and Bad Guy for this.

The Hero, a vampire, is a famous musician, just home from a nationwide tour of the US. He’s had stalkers in the past, and isn’t bothered by his newest one. Until the Bad Guy breaks into his apartment and vandalizes it, leaving a little surprise. The Hero’s manager pulls some strings with the Inter Racial Council and arranges for an Enforcer to investigate and apprehend the Bad Guy, and protect the Hero.

The Enforcer the IRC sends, the Heroine, can’t believe she’s being sent to babysit some spoiled vampire, especially one who daily risks revealing the reality of vampires, as well as her people, weredragons, to the human world at large. It doesn’t help that when she meets the Hero, he’s the hottest thing on two feet, or that he makes no secret of the fact that he can’t wait to get her in his bed. And it really doesn’t help that she would like nothing more than to lick him head to toe.

I’ll add further details as I work them out – little things like… Oh, the characters’ names, and the Hero’s instrument, hell, even what kind of music he plays. Though, at the moment, he’s leaning toward heavy metal. But that’s probably because I prefer heavy metal myself. He could even be a country singer, I suppose…

© Copyright Kenra Daniels 2011


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