I’ve finished the last of my edits and revisions of BLOOD DRAGON!! AND sent it to the editors who were interested in it from the RomanceDivas NGTCC pitch.

Now I have to decide what to focus on next. I have several ideas for new vampire/weredragon romances. I’m developing a new paranormal creature. And there are tons of ‘Really Should Do NOW’ things on my ToDo list.

Whichever, I’ll be working all the above. I’ll just have to decide which gets the majority of my time and effort right now. The focus can change, depending on many other factors.

And before I get tied up in any of it, I’m going to take a few days off and spend some extra time with my family. We’ll see if I make it more than 3 days before I give in to the internal pressure to get back to work. I seriously doubt it. 😀 I simply can’t just sit and watch a TV show, I have to also be DOING something. And that’s usually working on something writing related.

Do you ever have trouble deciding what to work on next after completing a major project? What about time off at the end of a major project – can you do it, or do you find yourself NEEDING to work?


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