Recently, writing related accomplishments have been few and far between here, so I’m celebrating. Our third grandson was born in late May, and the almost 3yo and almost 2yo grandsons have been staying with us while mommy recovers. (Which reminds me – when did I go from imagining a 60-something when I heard the word ‘grandmother’, to imagining a 40 year old? I guess it happened when I *became* the 40-something grandmother, huh.)

The grandsons are also having a vacay from daycare until mommy goes back to work!

So, they’re with me 24/7, except for the couple of hours each they spend with mommy getting to know their baby brother each day.

I’ve only just managed to convince them that I can go to the bathroom without their help. No way are they going to trust me to use the laptop on my own.

Which means I can work only when they’re sleeping. Before 630am, between 1 and 3pm, and after 8pm. I need a couple of those hours to sleep myself, and a couple to do household chores that can’t be done with their help.

Which leaves me an average of 3 hours per day to work. It would be great if I could spend all 3 hours working, but at least one is tied up with email and networking. So, if I’m lucky, I get maybe 2 hours to work – if no one stops by or calls and no minor catastrophes occur. (Truly, I’m not whining. I know there are many writers who manage to work a full time day job, raise kids, and meet other obligations, and still find the time to write. I’ve done it myself. Right now, I’m extremely fortunate that I don’t have to work a day job, and I know just how lucky I am. I’m accustomed to working between 5 and 12 hours a day, so to cut that down to 2-3 hours is a pretty drastic change.)

I’ve been slaving away, editing Chapter 11 for days on end. I finally finished it yesterday, and today moved on to Chapter 12.

And FINISHED Chapter 12 in the same day!

This weekend, the boys will be moving back to their house for the remainder of mommy’s maternity leave. Which means, with luck, next week, my work schedule will get back to something approaching normal. It won’t be completely back to normal until mommy goes back to work and the boys go back to day care.

By which time something else will come up…


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