Romance Novel Pet Peeves

As a reader, and writer, of romance, I have a few pet peeves with the genre, how it’s written, and how it’s portrayed. A post on another blog ( inspired me to write about them here. {Ack! The link insert tool is refusing to work properly! I’m too lazy to fiddle with it any longer tonight.}

I’ll just list a couple this time, and occasionally add to the list in the future. So here goes:

Kenra’s Romance Novel Pet Peeves

  • Female body parts described as food or plant parts. Just Eeewww!
  • Male body parts described as metal, weapons, or machine parts. Oouuch!
  • When one person doesn’t want the sex, for whatever reason, but the other convinces/forces him/her to do it anyway. Rape, anyone?
  • When the first person in the above peeve falls in LOVE with the person who ASSAULTED them!
  • When one character’s personality completely changes after sex with another, because they’ve found their ONE TWUE WUV.

How about you? Do you have pet peeves that you see repeated time and again in romance novels? Other genres?


2 responses to “Romance Novel Pet Peeves

  1. My biggest romance pet peeve is the “knocked up” romance. Hero gets heroine preggers (“oops!”) and they subsequently fall in love. That is so not how it works in the real world. I can suspend my disbelief only so far …

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