If Wishes Were Horses…

I’d probably have all the horses I ever dreamed of!

Currently, my biggest wish is that there were a few more hours in the day, so I’d have time to do all the things I’d like to do. First priority is time with my grandsons, hands down. Then hubby and the rest of the family. Then writing and reading.

I lose a couple of writing days each week to other commitments. I’m in doctor’s offices on average once a week – I have a chronic health condition. Combine that with three little boys and all their boo-boos and sniffles, and hubby’s VA appointments, and I see quite a lot of waiting rooms. One grandson has speech therapy once a week, and since their momma works, I take him. And other things always come up and have to be dealt with. We have family gatherings once or twice a month, and each costs another day.

I lose another day to grocery and household shopping. No matter how much I despise shopping, someone has to do it. A couple hours each day go to cleaning and cooking. If only I could train the dogs to sweep up their own hair, I’d have much less cleaning to do.  At least one goes to phone calls, in multiple little chunks. Some days my writer friend calls and we spend a couple hours on the phone.

There are a few things I don’t lose writing time to. I watch very little TV, and almost no movies. I don’t play video or computer games. I don’t care about celebrities, so I lose absolutely no time to following their antics. I don’t work a day job, so those hours aren’t lost to me. I’m not a sports enthusiast, so I lose no time to watching adults earn millions for participating in children’s games, or any other sports.

I constantly fight the temptation of the internet. Unrestrained access to so much information hits all my buttons, and is a constant draw to the student in me. I can easily become lost in research, and learn far more than necessary for my work. I have to set a timer so I don’t exceed my alloted internet time. I have to do the same thing for reading. Without a reminder that I need to do other things, I’ll read a book start to finish in one sitting.

During summer, the outdoors is another temptation I fight against. I love being outside. I also love physical work, like mowing the lawn, though these days, health problems limit my ability to perform such tasks. Camping is another favorite, though now I can take the laptop along and still write.

I also love arts and crafts. I paint acrylics and enjoy any number of other crafts, including sewing clothing. I now limit my time with those things to just a few hours each week. With the grandsons, at least I have a legitimate reason to spend time with some of them, like making felt board stories. I write the story, create the characters, and construct them out of felt. The character stick to felt covered board as I tell the story to the boys. I also make my own representations for characters from popular children’s books and stories.

So, you see, if I had just a couple more hours each day, I could do so much more. Including writing more. Along with enjoying all my horses, earned from all those wishes for more time.

How about you – if there were two extra hours available each day, how would you use them? Sleep? Work? Family? Hobbies? Something else entirely?


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