A little more unpacking…

I’m about halfway through the final editing round of BLOOD DRAGON before I start submitting it to publishers. Of course, whoever ends up being my editor will have other suggestions, so there will be changes to make.

Editing involves examining each and every sentence in the novel. Each must convey what I need it to, while producing the effect I need, using the best sentence structure and words. Each must relate to the others around it to meet those requirements. If that wasn’t enough, I’m also checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and that I have all the details right. Then there’s making sure I don’t over use particular words and phrases, that I limit the use of cliche, and that I stay consistent. I know there are details I’m leaving out, but at the moment, this is what I have.

When my brain threatens to melt under the strain of editing, I take a break and do something else related. Sometimes it’s visiting writing communities, researching, writing new material, outlining, or social networking. Currently, I’m putting quite a lot of time into networking. I enjoy touching base with readers. It keeps my work fresh.

I’ve set up this blog, though there’s still a huge amount of work to do on it, and a Twitter account (Follow me @kenra_daniels). I still need to do the Facebook thing, and coordinate some other stuff. Problem is, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I’d like to do.

Okay, so, break’s over. Time to get back to editing. Jaden and Kiellen have just had really hot almost-sex, and now they’re getting ready to take the fight to the bad guys…


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